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Monday, July 12, 2010

New Week, Vent, Decluttering, Exercise, All of It

Okay this is going to be a little about everything.

New Week/Exercise: Sunday started a new week for me with exercise. It's now Monday and no exercise. Still having problems with my feet but they feel a little better today. So I decided to do some decluttering and get rid of some more clutter of stuff I don't use anymore.

Onto Decluttering: I posted alot of stuff for giveaway on FreeCycle. If you go to yahoo and type in Freecycle you can find your location. All you do is join the list for your county and then post things you would like to giveaway for free or you can ask for things you want and hope you get someone who will give you something in return. I haven't requested anything yet because I'm trying to get rid of stuff. I gave alot of things away a few months ago.

Well, today and yesterday, here's all the stuff I got rid of...
· Old Typewriter
· 30 gal bag of men's clothes and shoes
· 30 gal. bag of women's clothes and shoes
· My 10 ft by 6 ft blow up pool.
· Childs plastic picnic table
· Small beach umbrella
· 2-30 gal. bags of toddler toys
· Lg. Patio umbrella
· Computer monitor

It feels great to know all of this stuff is out of the house but I still need to get rid of stuff I don't use. I really want a clutter free house this year. That's my goal along with losing weight, eating right, and exercising more.

Here comes the vent: Why do people tell you and practically beg you to hold something for them and then don't show up? It's free! How much easier is it to get stuff with that price? Again I say... FREE! Is it really too much to ask that if you ask me to hold something to pick it up? I am trying to declutter like I said and want to get rid of the stuff I am clearing out. Then someone seems like they really want it and then they either don't show up or say, Oops! I didn't really want it. This of course is after I tell the other people that it is spoken for.

Okay, done with my soap box. This is the kind of stuff that makes you go to the ice-cream cooler. Am I on Big Brother? Is there a saboteur?

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