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Friday, May 21, 2010

Exercising in Rainy Weather -Week 1

When it's rainy outside I tend not to exercise. What about you? Are there days that just make you feel like not exercising? I do have a treadmill so this shouldn't be an excuse but sometimes I do make it a excuse not to get my walk in. Are there things you do or say to yourself to get you motivated to exercise?

So needless to say I didn't exercise on Monday and Tuesday. They were crappy days with the weather. Wednesday we did another 2 miles outside.

Then on Thursday I didn't exercise because I just had too much going on. I hate it when I don't get my exercise in. Not that I like to exercise because I don't. But, I am trying to make sure I get in at least 5 days of exercise a week. So hopefully today (today is Friday) I will get my exercise in, although I have alot going on today too. So much stuff gets in the way of my exercise. I know I'm not suppose to let anything else come above my exercise routine for my health, but unfortunetly I do.

Maybe since this is my first official full week of doing my exercising again, I shouldn't be so hard on myself. My week runs from Sun. to Sat. So far I have one day of exercise in this week. Even if I get today in and Saturday's exercise done, I will have only done 3 days this week. Will have to wait and see. Got to get at least two days in this week since last week I got two days of exercise done.

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