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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Exercise after Surgery - Movie - Books - Volunteering - Weight

Exercise: Here's my new update on my exercise since surgery. It's only been nine days since I had surgery to get my gallbladder out. I walked this morning and yesterday for about a 10 min. walk. I know it isn't much but it's a start.

Movies: I went to see Eat, Pray, Love, yesterday and really enjoyed it as a movie. All the whinny stuff was cut out of it. You can't go wrong with Julia Roberts playing in a movie so she makes it interesting.

Sometime this weekend we may go see The Expendables with Sly Stallone, B. Willis, and all the other macho guys who play in it.

I guess while I'm healing it's been a movie kind of weekend.

Books: Now onto books. What's everyone reading? Since I still can't do alot of twisting movements, I am reading (and watching movies). What else can you do? Anyway, I started the book called "The Quickening" by Michelle Hoover. I have several other books lined up, like Nancy Grace's book, Half-Broke Horses, and several others.

Volunteering: I guess this could also be in the exercise section but it's a new topic for me. The other day I felt this compelling need to voluteer at our local dog shelter. So I sent out a email and you have to go through alot of hoops just to volunteer. I figured I could go walk the dogs and do some little extra things here and there that need done. Mostly spend time with the animals to keep them company. Seems you have to take a training course to do this. I walk my dog everyday, but who knows? You need to also fill out forms, and sign you won't hold them accountable for anything that may go wrong. I thought volunteering would be easy. I figured I could help the animals by walking or taking care of them, and also helping myself with some exercise with knowing I have to be there to walk them. My dog doesn't like to walk much. So, I guess I will wait and see what happens.

Review on Weight Loss: One last thing...It's been 13 weeks now since I said I'd commit to losing weight and getting healthy. I gained 4 lbs in 3 months and lost 4 lbs in 3 months, so I am now just even after 3 months. I can't believe 3 months has gone by already. Wow! Since then I've been dealing with foot problems and gallbladder surgery. My one foot feels great now, I'm still dealing with the other foot. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about losing weight and getting healthy. Argh! Hopefully, the next 3 months will be better.

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