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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weight Loss - Movies - Books

Weight Issues: I got weighed this past Wed. and I'm down 4 lbs. Nothing like having surgery to make you lose weight. The only thing is I'm hoping that I don't put it back on. How much does a gallbladder weigh anyway? Well, who knows for sure? All I know is 4 lbs is 4 lbs and I'm glad I lost.

I'm feeling much better after surgery but the incisions (especially belly button one) is still a little bit sore.

I still can't exercise full force yet. Not allowed according to doctors orders. I can start walking more now though. I did notice I haven't been getting as much heart burn as I did before getting my gallbladder removed. But, on the other hand, I'm not eating exactly as I was yet either. I did eat pizza yesterday. Thought I'd give it a try. Well, not again for awhile. It didn't give me heartburn like usual but I did have a rough time. My heart was beating fast and I felt stomach sickness. May have to hold off on the hard stuff awhile longer.

I was supposed to go to a diabetes group this evening but totally forget about it. Hopefully next month.

Now onto Movie and Book Issues: I'm really not sure how the book "Eat, Pray, Love" ever became a best seller. I tried reading it months ago, and couldn't do it, then because our book group is reading it I gave it another try. I am almost done with it. For me it was okay but nothing spectacular. I'm thinking this book is going to be better as a movie. I'm hoping to go see the movie this weekend. Since Julia Roberts plays in it, I'm sure it will be good. Well, at least I hope so. Anyone else going to see it?

Cookbook: And, while we're on the topic of books I got a new cookbook on Wed. One of the churches in our area put it together with a bunch of recipes including some healthy recipes. I'm hoping to try some of them out. If I really like some, I'll take a photo and post them here.

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