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Friday, August 27, 2010

Major Life Issue That Should be Addressed - Dogs Unchained

This woman is fighting to make it a law against chaining dogs up. She is chained at Harrisburg Capitol to Win Law for Abused Dogs. How would you like to be chained to a dog box all your life in all kinds of weather? Watch this video.

Last year I heard about a dog in our area who ended up with their paws frozen to the pavement and then died because someone left the poor dog out in the freezing cold. Let's help this lady get this law passed to Unchain the Dogs and give them all a better life.

Here's a quote that was sent to me in my email..."Dogs Need Change. Not Chains." is one of the taglines that drives Tamira Thayne's "Operation Fido Freedom." Thayne has made headlines by chaining herself to the PA State Capitol Building from 8:00 - 6:00 every day until SB 1435, a limiting chaining law, is passed in PA."

Even if you can't adopt a dog, please help pass this law by writing to your state Senator and urge others to contact their state Senator too and get this law passed to not chain dogs. Here's a website on Unchaining Dogs to find out more. Find out what you can do to help pass this law.

Also, check out this site Dogs Deserve Better

These photos on this website will shock you but you need to see them to help get this law passed. They are on the Dogs Deserve Better website or go directly to these photos Shocking photos of why dogs should be Unchained.

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  1. THANK YOU!!

    Marie Belanger
    National Area Rep Coordinator
    National Chained Dog Case Investigator
    Dogs Deserve Better


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