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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gallstones and Surgery

Well, I'll be getting my gallbladder removed this week due to gallstones. This is what causes gallstones and I quote, "The most common triggers for gallbladder attacks are caffeine, chocolate, eggs, dairy products (especially ice cream) and greasy or deep fried foods." Pretty much everything I've been eating over the last several or more years. I found this information on this site here: Gallstones I'm definitely hoping for a quick recovery so I can get serious about my diet and weight loss. With weight issues, health issues sure does become a problem. This photo

also from this site shows the gallbladder and it has some really good info on this site.

I found this other photo

of a gallstone on this site here and also all about gallstone symptoms. I'm posting this photo because some of these photos with alot of gallstones just plain gross me out.

This is why when you're overweight you really need to lose and get healthy. I need to ward off all these problems associated with my bad eating habits.

I have also read through numerous other sites that 35%-75% function is normal for the gallbladder. Mine is functioning at only 17% which my doctor says pretty much isn't functioning at all. If your gallbladder stops working properly it can rupture and cause all kinds of other problems.

So, needless to say, Bye, Bye, Gallbladder.

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  1. Oh my gosh! That was my complete diet up until two years ago and I still slip into that every now and again (more often as of late).

    Yikes. What a wake up call. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely think more about what I put into my mouth now.


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