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Friday, August 6, 2010

Update on My Gallbladder Surgery

Surgery/Recovery: I had gallbladder surgery done on Wednesday morning and had to stay in the hospital one night. Out on Thursday. It's been going pretty well for the most part with recovery. Not in alot of pain yet.

After surgery I had alot of dizziness and was in recovery room a tad longer than expected. After I was getting over that, I was moved to my room. Had to have the leg compressors on while in bed just to keep from getting clots. I also have to use a breathing gadget to keep the lungs expanded after surgery. Just a precaution I guess everyone does. It helps get the air out of the lungs (I think).

The only problem I had after surgery was a major heartburn sensation. That was from the gas they give you while you're in surgery. The only way to mostly get rid of it is to walk so it gets the gas/air moving so you can burp and leave gas at the other end. (For lack of a better way of putting it.) That gets rid of the heartburn.

It's now Friday and I have some chest pain with tightness but not real bad. I'm sore in the four incisions they did while in surgery but not too bad. It isn't as bad as I anticipated. I have to walk a little bit each day to make sure I keep the blood moving in my legs so I don't get any blood clots. So overall not too bad.

I've had worse surgeries. Maybe that's why I can say it's not too bad. When I had open heart surgery that was far worse.

Well, back to this one. You can't sleep on your stomach but since I hate sleeping on my stomach anyway, that's not a problem. I like sleeping on my side which is somewhat a problem getting into that position with the cuts from surgery. A little painful. Probably for about a week I'll be sleeping more on my back. And, then in about four weeks I have a checkup with the doctor to make sure all is going well.

I'm just glad it's over. I had gallstones but the doctor said he didn't take it out so much for that, it was that my gallbladder was only working 17% which is basically not working at all. He didn't want me to end up with alot of other problems that bile can cause if it goes into the other organs. You can look up all about the bile (toxic in other body parts) on the Internet. Just type in gallbladder bile. I may have some trouble eating foods now with fat in for awhile which may give me diarrhea for several months afterward, but this is just a possibility. I've been watching what I eat right now, but I haven't been eating much since it's only been two days now since I had surgery. Not all patients have this problem with fatty foods, so I'll just have to wait and see I guess.

(Just want to add here, that this is my experience only so please make sure you ask your own doctor if anything like this happens to you.) I think everyone is a little different in their experiences.

Needless to say I can't exercise at all (except a little bit of slow walking) for about two weeks. When I say slow walking, I mean slow. I feel like I'm walking at a snails pace.

I guess I should add which I don't think I mentioned before why I went to the doctors in the first place and why they found this. I was having extreme stomach bloating, which can be one of the symtoms. I was also getting side pain (grant it, it was the left side and should have been the right side but they can't explain that one.) You're gallbladder is on the right side, but they said who knows sometimes what a bad gallbladder or anyother organ for that matter will cause when theirs something wrong with it.

Anyway, that's my update on surgery and recovery.


  1. I expect you're glad it's over with and you're on your way to recovery. I hope the side effects of the surgery disappear soon. Weight loss is 80% food so don't worry too much about exercising there's plenty of time for that, eat healthy and help your body to heal. How's your foot doing?

  2. Glad your surgery went well; take it easy!


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