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Friday, June 11, 2010

About Diet and Exercise - Things Learned

I went to my diabetes group yesterday where they were talking about the A1C. I don't think I learned anything that I didn't already know. Basically, most doctors want your A1C to be below 6.0. The problem is I also have high triglycerides and high cholesterol that I have to control. Both are concern for heart attack and stroke. The diabetes on top of that just compounds the problem.

What have I learned over the past several years of diet and exercise? There is no quick cure. You just have to put in the hard work to do it. You can come up with all kinds of excuses, but in the end it's only up to you. You have to exercise almost everyday, and eat healthy foods, like vegetables, fruits, and stuff with fiber in it. Limit the portion sizes, and limit or eliminate all white flours, junk food, bread, anything that is processed. Pretty much that's the bottom line. Just Do It!

I've also know that the mind plays an important role. You need the mind set in order to keep the motivation up. So, I need to get my mind set that the exercise and the eating healthy is something I MUST do in order to lose the weight and get my numbers down to where they should be. I'm not only talking about my A1C numbers for diabetes but also my blood test numbers with my triglycerides and cholesterol.I want to be around for along time.

We also know the other reasons why we want to lose weight, not just for health reasons.

..To be here on this earth for our family.
..To look good. Let's face it, we all want to look good, right?
..To fit in that little black dress, or those nice jeans we have in our closet.
..To feel great in the swimsuit we hate to put on.
..To be able to travel.
..To get around on our own so we don't have to depend on other people. Because, you know that diabetes can rob you of alot of things, including your eye sight and ability to walk around because it effects your feet. Not to mention how many organs diabetes effects.

What's your reason for wanting to lose weight? Can you think of other reasons why we want or need to lose and keep the weight off?

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  1. Limiting portion sizes is a big part of losing weight. Everywhere you look food is supersized. Once I began weighing everything I realized I was eatng far too much. Reason for losing weight: I'm hoping one day to have grandchildren and I want to be fit enough to enjoy playing with them.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you too. Someone at work gave me an elliptical she wasn't using and I've found that works great. I'm with you on the walking. I probably wouldn't do more than 30 minutes if I walked on my own - pedometers work great though for making you walk longer.
    I hope you have a successful week-end.
    Less of Me


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