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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wow! Thursday Already!

It's Thursday already and what have I've been doing? Not exercising I can tell you. I've been decluttering again, and reading about decluttering. Trying to get the junk out of my house. I had some stuff cluttering the hallway for a few weeks that I took out of my scrapbook room, so wanted to get that stuff sorted through.

So far I've gotten no exercise walks in this week. What the heck is happening? I'm going to be going to a diabetes group today so maybe that will kick my butt into gear to get going again.

It just seems like I think about exercising and that's as far as I get. Is thinking about it going to help me lose weight? Well, No! But, maybe it will keep me from eating as much. I still have good intentions.


  1. I stopped by your blog today. My daughter and I just got back from a four mile walk. It's hard to get motivated but feels so good afterwards. Having a friend to walk with and push you to do it makes all the differences. I hope you can get back into exercising.
    Less of Me

  2. Cozy, Wow! A four mile walk. I can remember when I used to do that about 10 yrs ago. Can't come close now. Keep up the good work.


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