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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Panel of Expert Weight Losers / Weight Loss / Feet

I lost 1.5 lbs this week! Woo Hoo for me! I love the losses. I've been exercising this week despite my feet problems and have been controlling my food intake. I've been bypassing the junk food, which is a great accomplishment for me.

I may have Plantar Fasciitis (not confirmed yet) of the foot but the doctor still isn't sure. It's where the muscle (I think) tightens up when your sitting or standing for long periods and then when you get up you have to stretch out your foot to get them moving again. The doctor said she wants me to change my shoes from wearing my sandals to wearing sneakers with tread for two weeks to see if that helps. If not, she'll give me a
x-ray when I go back to see her to see if something with the bones in the feet have something wrong with them.

Exercise: I didn't exercise yesterday. Decided to take the day off because of my feet. I'm getting back into it today. My feet still hurt but I'm hoping to push through it.

Panel of Expert Losers: (Which are really winners) Yesterday evening Weight Watchers got a panel of weight losers (which were really winners) to speak to the rest of us. They had people there that had lost 30 lbs to people who have lost over 100 lbs. They wanted people to talk to us that have done it and are keeping it off. Also, people who are committed right now. It was great! I loved hearing people talk about their losses and how they accomplished it. They are thinking about doing this again in the future. I hope so, because it's a great motivator.

The one thing they had in common over and over is that you HAVE to exercise. Find something you like and do it and stick with it. Change it up when your at a plateau. Drink your water and journal. For some reason journaling seems to help. Maybe it's seeing it in black and white on paper, staring you right in the eye that does the trick. Who knows? Just do it!

I asked how they keep it off once you lose the weight? I'm far from there right now, but about 6-7 yrs ago, I was at my goal weight. Then I got sick with breathing problems, quit exercising and starting gaining till what I need to lose today. One person in the group said think of it as a life diet. You will need to climb the mountain everyday for the rest of your life, living right at the peak but never reaching the top. Oh, you will get to your goal weight, but you always have to be aware of when you start to gain. NO more well it's only 2 lbs, well, it's only 3 lbs. No! When you start to go over that 2 lbs, get back to reducing your calories and exercising more. No excuses this time.

One girl said this which is so true, When you lose...you gain, and, when you gain...you lose. How true is that?


  1. "When you lose you gain, and when you gain, you lose."

    I love that quote! It is so true!
    I totally agree that exercise has to be a part of weight loss. Not only does it help you lose the weight, but I think it also helps your changing body look it's best by keeping it toned while the weight comes off.

    PS--Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. Just found you on PlusSizeBloggers. I see you are having problems with your feet. Oh, how I know the pain of plantar fascitis. I'm leaving you with a link to let you know there is relief without surgery! http://www.examiner.com/x-28958-Savannah-Health-and-Happiness-Examiner~y2009m11d14-How-to-Cope-with-Plantar-Fasciitis

  3. Mrs. D. Thanks for the link. I can't get to your blog for some reason.


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